Transport Truckers strike in India likely to be hit tomorrow

Transport Truckers strike in India likely to be hit tomorrow

Transport Truckers Strike in India: Tomorrow on July 20, around 95 lakh transport trucks have been ready to do strike in India. This strike is claimed by the all major Transport Unions of the country. Indian transporters are going on an indefinite strike to fulfill their four major demands including removal of toll barrier and reduction in diesel prices. With the demands of All India Motor Transport Congress, the truck owners have announced an indefinite flyovers jumbo since July 20. However, the strike is in progress throughout the country for almost last 2 months. Transport truckers union claim that about 95 lakh trucks will be barred across the country and will remain closed until further orders unless their demands are considered.

On the issue of increased diesel prices and toll tax payroll, Transporter truckers said that they have been suffering for a long time. They say that the price of petrol and diesel should be cut and the price increase would be uniform in the whole country and only after every three months the price should be revised. The second demand is to relieve the streets from the toll barrier across the country. On this issue, the Transporter says the tax that is given by all the toll points to the government, the tax transporter will alone deposit the entire year tax together but their trucks do not have to stand on the roads every day.

They said that diesel burns heavily on their toll points, which is why the transporters are facing a double burden. The advantage of toll barrier freedoms will be to millions of drivers across the country because when the whole tax toll is given to the barrier, then the car and other drivers will not have to pay toll tax. GST exempted in Third-Party Insurance Premium National permit for tourism vehicles should be given. On all these issues, hundreds of transport units are going on strike on 20th July.

Hundreds of Transport Union is continuously supporting this strike across the country. Milk, vegetable, medicines, such vehicles which supply such essential goods are excluded from this strike, but due to the closure of big trucks of transport companies, it is impossible to get the supply anywhere.

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