Transport unions strike will impact supply of commodities nation wide

Transport unions strike will impact supply of commodities nation wide

The transport unions strike across the country announced today is likely to impact the supply of the commodities. This strike was called by The All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC), which is also known as important body of transporters across the country. The truckers want diesel to be brought under GST so the price can be reduced. They also want relief from highly paid third-party premium and direct taxes on national permits for all buses and truck nationwide. According to reports the national Mumbai highway was covered with great number of truck off the road from 6 am today. A transporters authority also claims to represent over 93 lakh truckers and around 50 lakh buses, tourist taxi and cab operators during the strike.

The chairman of the core committee of AIMTC said, the meeting held with Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari was indecisive resulting to no solution for the problem. The buses and other transportation bodies extended their support to the strike, nearly 8,000 buses in Mumbai and 40,000 buses across Maharashtra were reported to be affiliated in the strike. This strike is likely to last till this Friday and may further be extended.

National Capital Region remained unaffected by the strike, all though there was reduction about 40% in the truck movement within the cities. The estimate of damaged caused by this strike is none less than a loss of Rs 4000 crore for the truckers across the nation, Said by union chairman of trucker’s union during the protest.  There will be no immediate solutions can be provided to the demands, but transport association have been assured that the government will exploring to all the demands. KS Atwal, chairman of All India said, the carrying essential goods would be allowed to operate during the protest.

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