Transport truckers strike in Haryana and Chandigarh; Main reason and Demands

Transport truckers strike in Haryana and Chandigarh; Main reason and Demands

Transport truckers strike in Haryana and Chandigarh: The largest union of transporters All India Motor Transport Congress has decided to go on an indefinite strike from July 20 after being fed up with the assurances given by the government regarding its demands. During this time the transport system is likely to be affected across the country. The All India Motor Transport Congress says that the government is giving false assurance to them for the past four months. According to Bal Malkit Singh, chairman of AIMTC core committee, “There is a need to give immediate attention to some issues and to solve their problems in terms of avoiding the collapse of the transport sector. There will be no change in the amount of revenue from these issues, it will also help in simplifying the business and eradicating corruption from the root. ”

Bal Malkit Singh further said, “We are not against toll revenue, but rather we are against the functioning of its collection, which is flawless and non-transparent. In this, there is a reshuffle in favor of those who get concessions, resulting in a huge loss of about Rs 1,50,000 crore in comparison to the collection of Rs 20,000 crore annually due to waste and delayed fuel.”

The biggest issue is the reduction in prices by bringing diesel to the realm of GST and through a reduction in central and state taxes. Apart from this, AIMTC has sought to free the entire transport of toll barriers to make the transport system unviable. The transport strike likely to take place in Haryana, Chandigarh, and West Bengal. There are total more than 1 crore trucks in India and this strike will definitely create a barrier, However, it will not be applicable in Dairy products and Goods carrying trucks.

Demands of Transporters

  1. The prices of diesel should be low, and a quarterly amendment in the same pricing and diesel prices at the national level,
  2. Toll barrier-free India and Transparency in third party insurance premium TPP fixation
  3. Exemption of GST on it and Agents through Comprehensive Policy Finishing the additional commission, being paid
  4. TDS should be expired on the transport business
  5. the reduction in the estimated income of Section 144 AE of the Income Tax Act and it should be rationalized and amendments in the rules given the practical problems related to e-bills.
  6. National Permit for Buses and Tourist Vehicles and Direct Port Delivery DPD Plan expires, Port Congestion should be over

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