Terrorist Abdul Subhan Qureshi arrested after decade long hunt

Terrorist Abdul Subhan Qureshi arrested after decade long hunt

SIMI-IM operational terrorist Abdul Subhan Qureshi , who has been wanted since 2008, has been arrested by the Delhi Police. He has been wanted, and responsible for the 2008 Gujarat bombing, as well as attacks in Delhi and Mumbai and also wanted from National Investigation Agency (NIA). He had been one of the most wanted terrorists in India, and was arrested by the Special Cell of Delhi Police, after a bout of firing from the both sides. According to the DCP Pramod Kushwala of Special cell, Qureshi, alias Tauqeer, was planning another attack on Delhi, and also trying to revive Indian Mujahideen. He had been a suspected in the Gujarat bombings, and his involvement was confirmed after the discovery of the email, which he had singed with “Al Arabi”, which is the signature of the terror group Indian Muhajideen. The email had been sent to several news outlets, in which he had taken the responsibility of the terror assault.

He is one of the most notorious terrorists that have plagued India, having evaded the authorities for a decade. He has been known for being a master of disguise, which has been chief in escaping the clutches of police for such a long time. But not any more.

He has been established as an expert in technology, having recieved training from top IT colleges and worked at many known companies. His arrest is another big win for the Delhi police authorities, as he could be instrumental for various information and could provide more information on the network of terrorist plans he had been brewing to harm the people and property of India.

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