Tej Pratap: Narendra Modi ki Khaal Udhedva denge

Tej Pratap: Narendra Modi ki Khaal Udhedva denge
Written by Abhishek Rana

Tej Pratap has warned Narendra Modi that he is going to flay Narendra Modi because of the downgrade that has been done to the security of the his father, Lalu Prasad Yadav. His exact comments were, “Narendra Modi Ki Khaal Udhedva denge”, meaning he and his supports are going to flay the skin of the Prime Minsiter of India. Tej Pratap has also added that he thinks the downgrade in security is a plan to murder his father. His comments have now become viral and has been criticized  all over the news and social media. People are now saying that Tej Pratap has lost his mind and can’t just threaten the prime minister of India just because his father’s security has been somewhat minimized.

There hasn’t been any reports if there will be some kind of action to take against Tej Pratap for threatening the leader of the nation, but it is a statement that should be condemned by the government and the authorities.

There is no sources about the actions that will be taken, but it has been shown that threatening the Prime minister of India with bodily harm is illegal and a FIR could be lodged against Pratap because of his comments.

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