Taj Mahal: 40,000 limit for Indian tourists

Taj Mahal: 40,000 limit for Indian tourists

An official meeting held in Delhi, in the presence of senior bureaucrats, ASI officials and police and paramilitary officers, has announced that starting from 20 January, the number of Indian tourists visiting the Taj Mahal will be limited to 40,000 per day. There won’t be any limit for the Foreign tourists visiting the monument. The decision was taken with the considerations about the concerns about the conditions of the monument, the upkeep of its surroundings and the chaos that is often caused because of the management is unable to handle so many people in one location. Another decision made by the committee is that the children aged below 15 won’t be charged with the entrance fee.

Due to the decision, Indian tourists are advised to book the tickets to visit Taj Mahal in advance, because once the limit reaches 40 thousand, the bookings will stop, online and offline respectively.

There have also been changes in the prices if the tickets. The tourists who want to visit the main crypt will now be charged with Rs 100, while those who just want to tour outside will only need to pay Rs 50. Until now, they were charged Rs 40, so that’s also a rise in the price of the ticket. The Foreign tourists will have to pay Rs 1000 to visit Taj Mahal, and there will be no limit on the number of people from outside India, but if Indian tourists are unable to get the tickets priced at Rs 50, can get the higher rated ones.

The meeting involved, ASI director general Usha Sharma, IGP (Agra) Raja Srivastava, Agra district magistrate Gaurav Dayal, ASI superintending archaeologist Bhuvan Vikram Singh, CISF commandant (Agra) Brij Bhushan, ASI ADG R S Lal, and deputy director (tourism) Dinesh Kumar. All of the members were in agreement that a large number of people, if not controlled, can harm the treasured monument of India, thus, the decision to limit the crowd.


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