Taimoor Nagar Murder Case; Drug Mafia shot dead Innocent Man

Taimoor Nagar Murder Case; Drug Mafia shot dead Innocent Man
Written by Abhishek Lohia

A person named Rupesh was shot dead at around 9 in the Taimoor Nagar area of Delhi on Sunday night. 38-year-old Rupesh was admitted to a hospital in critical condition where he died during the treatment. After the incident, local people furiously raged. Police vehicles were ransacked and motorcycles were handed over to the fire. The police rushed to the police station to control the ruckus. According to Information, Rupesh had fine arts and stationery business. He has two small children. On Sunday night 30 September, after two unidentified men shot Rupesh outside his house. The victim, identified as Rupesh, was reportedly fighting a war against the drug gang operating in the area for the past few months.

The locals alleged that the drug gang found out about the complainant’s identity from the police, which led to widespread protests overnight. The CCTV footage of the incident shows two men walking up to Rupesh on a busy street and shooting him in the chest before walking off. Rupesh’s family claimed that he had opposed the sale of drugs in the area and that is why he was attacked, Chinmoy Biswal, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southeast) said.

After getting the news of the death, the anger of the people of the area also got flared. And there was a crowd of people outside the hospital. Angry people started a ruckus outside the hospital and started shouting slogans against the police. Those present outside the hospital made serious allegations against the police. People claimed that there was an open-air business in Taimoor Nagar, which was also complained to the police several times but no action was taken.

After getting the news of the death, the people of the area pelted stones at the police. Meanwhile, angry people also broke the police car glasses and handed fire a bike parked on the road. When the police reached the spot and tried people to calm down, some people became involved in a clash with the police. Given the seriousness of the matter, the police officers arrived at the spot and somehow calm the people.


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