Syed Salahuddin Designated As A Global Terrorist By US, Pakistan called it “Unjustified”

Syed Salahuddin Designated As A Global Terrorist By US, Pakistan called it “Unjustified”

In a big blow to Pakistan, the US on Monday declared Hijbul Mujahiddin chief Syed Salahuddin, a global terrorist. While the Pakistan and Separatists in Kashmir Valley have termed this move as “unjustified”  “the designation of individuals supporting the Kashmiri right to self-determination as terrorists is completely unjustified.” Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said that Pakistan will continue to extend political, diplomatic and moral support to Kashmiri separatists for what it called their struggle for freedom. It is a known fact that Pakistan has always been a tourist destination for the terrorists, so this reaction was acceptable from that state. While the Kashmiri separatists have said that this move by the US will not impact the “struggle”  of the people of the Jammu And Kashmir.

US department of state mentioned in Jammu And Kashmir in the statement they issued before PM Modi arrived at White House as “Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir.” “Under Salahuddin’s tenure as senior HM leader, HM has claimed responsibility for several attacks, including the April 2014 explosives attack in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, which injured 17 people.” And the Indian Government raised no objection to this statement. And the question to the government is why they have accepted US phrase of “Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir”.

Syed Salahuddin had fought Jammu And Kashmir state elections in 1987 on behalf of his party Jamat-e-Islami which he lost. After failing to be a politician, Salahuddin turned to militancy and fled to PoK in 1989. And in 2006, India had requested Pakistan to handover Syed Salahuddin, but Pakistan did not respond to India’s request. “We are fighting Pakistan’s war in Kashmir and if it withdraws its support, the war would be fought inside Pakistan”- Syed Salahuddin

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