Swiss couple attacked by Youth in Agra; MEA Sushma Swaraj asked for reports from state governments

Swiss couple attacked by Youth in Agra; MEA Sushma Swaraj asked for reports from state governments
Written by Pallavi Parmar

A Swiss couple was chased and attacked with stones by a group of youths in Agra. As per the reports, a couple belongs from Lausanne in Switzerland who was attacked by some youths. They left them battered and bruised near the railway station in Fatehpur Sikri. On September 30th, Quentin Jeremy Clerc who is 24 years old came to India with his girlfriend Marie Droz to explore and travel in India. A day after in Agra the group has started following them and initially started passing comments on them. Now, the couple has taken to the Delhi hospital for medical services.

Quentin Jeremy said that the group has forced them to stop so they can take selfies with Marie. And also passed the comment which couple did not understand. Later on, this harassment and teasing turned into a brutal attack. The group attacked Clerc with sticks and left him with a fractured skull and clot in his brain. The Delhi hospital doctors said that the blow that struck one of his ears caused hearing impairment.

The couple said they lay on the ground bloodied and bruised while bystanders taking videos of them on mobile phones. Clerc said that the group kept taking pictures of them and trying to get close to Marie. They were forcefully asking them to accompany them to some place that the couple has refused. Clerc said that group began hitting him with stones in between Marie enter into the scenario to stop them and they also hit her. After that, they were taken to the hospital. As per the reports, now the couple wants to file a police complaint against that group. In the wake of this brutal attack, the Minister of foreign affairs Sushma Swaraj conciliates and asked for reports from State government.

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