Sushma Swaraj’s plane, travel from India to Mauritius cuts communication for 14 minutes

Sushma Swaraj’s plane, travel from India to Mauritius cuts communication for 14 minutes
Written by Abhishek Rana

Sushma Swaraj’s VVIP airplane Meghdoot, which was flying to South Africa experienced difficulties and the communication with went dead for 14 minutes. ATC, or air traffic control usually waits for 30 minutes, before it can announce that the plane has gone missing in its flight. 12 minutes later the Mauritius air officers announced that the plane was incommunicado when it couldn’t be contacted. “INCERFA” alarm was then released, which means that it isn’t certain where the plane is or if the occupants of the plane are safe or not. The Chennai air traffic was also contacted to glean information about the aircraft.

There are three phases of the (INCERFA), the second of which is called, (ALERFA), which means that there is still some doubt about the whereabouts of the plane and the safety of the occupants. The last one is,  (DETRESFA), in which it is made somewhat clear that the plane and the occupants have fallen into some fatal or serious danger.

However, the alarm avoided going down to the third level. A major factor in the cutting away of the communication is that sometimes the pilots are either unable to make contact with the Mauritius authorities or forget it. The oceanic area doesn’t have any sort of radar coverage, which means that communication can only be established through VHF/HF communication. The pilot was able to communicate with the Mauritius ATC 4:58, which confirmed that the plane and the occupants were indeed safe.

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