Supreme Court Will Deliver It’s Verdict On Aadhaar Validity Tomorrow

Supreme Court Will Deliver It’s Verdict On Aadhaar Validity Tomorrow

The most controversial verdict on the constitutional over the validity of Aadhaar will be held tomorrow. There have been several confusion related to the linking of the Aadhaar number with various government services and sectors last year. The apex court had said that it is mandatory to link 12 digit bio-metric number with bank accounts and mobile phones and was extended extended till judgement on the same is passed. The beginning of hearing started in January 2017, later the petitioners gave their comments that mobilizing bio metric is violation of the right to privacy. Although Aadhaar is said to be offered as the transparent channel in opportunity to the government to streamline individual welfare for good governance relation.

Earlier the hearing of the case was headed by Chief Justic Dipak Mishra, the bench also argued that Biometric information in India and giving it to the US visa is lot different from one another. The Chief Justice also said if the petitioner could prove that the Aadhaar scheme is violating fundamental rights then the court will surely intervene the scheme. In response, UIDAI CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey had appreared in the Supreme Court and expressed that the 12 digit Aadhaar number is base to be secured and even government defended the Aadhaar scheme. In argument Pandey said, that the information is completely safe and it’s is impossible to steal the information as nothing can be seen by looking at the person’s name, city or state.

According to the ministry of finance had amended this rule in order to the prevention of Money Laundering by linking of Aadhaar. The notification was spread on June 1, 2017 through maintenance of records rules, 2005. The Supreme Court will decide tomorrow whether the Aadhaar to be mandatory for government services or is it overarching as right to privacy.

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