Supreme Court reserves judgement on validity of Aadhaar Card

Supreme Court reserves judgement on validity of Aadhaar Card
Written by Abhishek Lohia

TRAI President RS Sharma while claiming the security of the Aadhaar, while issuing his 12 digit base number, had said that if there is any danger related to security, then someone leaked my figures and showed them some hours of this challenge. Only then did their figures leak. A security expert in France, named Elliott Alderson, gathered several figures of Sharma’s private life through a series of tweets in his series of 12-digit numbers, including Sharma’s personal address, birthdate, alternate phone number etc. The Supreme Court’s Constitution Bench on the petitions challenging the validity of the Aadhaar card scheme had reserved the judgment on May 10 after completing the hearing. The court began hearing on January 17. A total of 38 days of hearing on these petitions took place. The petitioners argued that mobilizing biometrics to create a foundation was a violation of the right to privacy. Formation of Aadhaar card is not necessary. But it has been made mandatory for all government works.

In response, the government has strongly defended the Aadhaar scheme. UIDAI CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey himself appeared in the Supreme Court and told the court that the 12-digit number available in the base is special. That number can be of the same person. The number is random, i.e. nothing can be seen by looking at the person’s name, city, state. He also said that biometric information is completely safe. It is impossible to steal it.

The Supreme Court is hearing the case of five judges headed by Chief Justice Dipak Mishra. The Bench also asked that the difference in giving biometric information to India and giving it to the US Visa is different. However, the Chief Justice had said in an important comment, that if the petitioner could prove that the Aadhaar scheme violates fundamental rights, then the court will surely intervene.

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