Supreme court limits the Panchamrit and Timing for Mahakaleshwar Shivlinga

Supreme court limits the Panchamrit and Timing for Mahakaleshwar Shivlinga

Today on Friday the Supreme Court decides and limit the offering of Jal (water) and Panchamrit on the Shivling at the Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain. Size of Mahakaal shivling started reducing due to which court made a committee to look after all matter.  Supreme court also ordered to cover shivling with cotton cloth after offering puja or aarti. Now an individual can only offer half litter water or Ganga Jal on Shivlinga, and 1.25 liter of panchamrit now permitted by the supreme court for every devotee to offer on shivling. Ujjaini Vidwat Parishad, started the debate on the Mahakaal Shivling while telling it has shrunk due to excessive offerings like Bhaang Shingar and Panchaamrit.

According to the expert committee reports which includes Archaeological Survey of India and Geological Survey of India, said that Bhaang is not the reason for shrinking of Mahakaal Shivling. The panel also recommended that any restrictions be imposed on the number of devotees in the temple of Mahakaal, Ujjain. The committee panel also said that the quantity of Ganga Jal and panchamrit offered to the Shivling should also be brought down. So after committee report, today Supreme court gives judgment in favor of temple to save Shivlinga of Mahakaaleshwar.

Now, RO water should be used for the offering of shivling of mahakaleshwar according to the supreme court.

Shree Mahakaleshwar temple timing puja:


Shree Mahakaleshwer temple timing puja

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