Supreme court conflict resolved, says Manan Mishra

Supreme court conflict resolved, says Manan Mishra
Written by Abhishek Rana

The Bar Council of India chairman Manan Mishra, has said that the conflict between the four judges and the court have now been resolved properly, “We did not want any political party to take advantage of the situation,” he said. Mishra also stated that there won’t be any action against the four judges, who had managed a press conference days ago, on 12 January, he also insisted that the men are honest and didn’t want to cause problem or malign the court by holding a conference and addressing the media. Speaking further, Mishra said that the focus was that no political party is able to utilize this conflict for their own profit, and since this was an internal problem, it should be resolved by talking to the parties.

Mishra cleared many rumors and false reports that had been floating around since the beginning of the press conference. He had scathing and particular words on the matter of Judge Loya’s death, saying that there was no point in dragging the case with the conflict because even the family members have told that they had no doubts about the matter. Mishra said that the matter was again being politicized by people and the media.

Speaking in hindi, Mishra said, “Kahani Khatam Ho gya”, meaning the story is now over and each party can resume their work without any conflict or difficulty.

The press conference held by the four judges had caused shock and controversy all over the Nation, as it had been something unprecedented in the history of India and people felt it could to major problems for the functioning of the court. However, such speculations can now be put to rest as the conflict has been completely resolved.

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