Supreme Court begins “Triple Talaq” hearing today

Supreme Court begins “Triple Talaq” hearing today

Today Supreme Court to began with the first-ever statutory exercise to test the legality of a Muslim personal law board provisions but court restricted itself to examining the validity of the triple talaq mode of divorce, ruling out the scrutiny of nikah halala and polygamy. Supreme Court raised a question if ‘triple talaq’ is fundamental to Islam, as a constitution bench commenced hearing on the issue while making it clear that it would not go into the question of polygamy. This is marathon pace which challenging the constitutional validity of triple talaq.

Triple Talaq is one of the sensitive issues which being heard by a bench made up of five judges. It is one of the most regressive laws in the modern world. According to vice Chairman of Kerala’s NDA party, Rajeev Chandrasekhar tweeted “Supreme Court stated triple talaq the ‘worst, undesirable form’ of ending a marriage among Muslims”.

Twitter is overflowed with various tweets opposing Triple talaq after the decision of India’s Supreme Court which has formally opened hearings into a number of petitions challenging the controversial practice of instant divorce in Islam. According in India Muslim man can divorce his wife in minutes by saying the word talaq (divorce) three times. Ashwini Upadhyay the spokesperson of BJP Delhi tweeted the statement of Jethmalani which stated that to triple talaq is totally unconstitutional because it’s breach of Article 14,15&21. This must go as soon as possible.

Today’s triple talaq hearing sets the clock ticking for a pronouncement on whether the court can examine the claim of Muslim clergy that the controversial practice of triple talaq has the sanction of the Quran and is, therefore, beyond the pale of judicial scrutiny. Many Muslim groups have opposed the court’s intervention in their religious matters but activists say the practice is “discriminatory”. Amit Malviya In-charge of BJP’s national Information & Technology tweeted “Salman Khurshid was one of the 3 who advised Rajiv Gandhi on the legislation that overturned Shah Bano judgment. Now defending Triple Talaq!”

Triple Talaq, Halala, Burqa-Parda and Child marriage should not be an integral part of all religions for a better society because human rights should be above any other religious laws.

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