Sunanda Pushkar murder case: Hotel Room De-sealed

Sunanda Pushkar murder case: Hotel Room De-sealed
Written by Abhishek Rana

Sunanda Pushkar, wife of Sashi Kapoor was found dead of an apparent suicide in her suite in South Delhi Hotel, has been opened by the order of the court. The suite had been sealed on January 2014, by the order of the court, because the authorities wanted the police to investigate every aspect of the house so that they could find out if the death was a suicide or if someone had murdered Sunanda Pushkar. The court had told the police on 10th October, and granted them 6 days to open the room so that each and every object from the room for the use of forensic probing.

The room had been sealed to keep the evidence intact, but there has been zero movement in the case, as the unknown people who were called for questioning were in no way convicted for murder, neither has there been a confession by someone if Sunanda was indeed murdered.

The order for desealing the room had been given to the police on September 16th, but it was reprimanded for its slow process and then given another order, on 4th October, to open it. The Hotel is said to have suffered losses because of this incident and the sealing of Sunanda’s room.


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