Sunanda Pushkar death case: Shashi Tharoor ignored Sunanda’s messages before her death

Sunanda Pushkar death case: Shashi Tharoor ignored Sunanda’s messages before her death

The police authorities today submitted a 3000 page charge sheet in the Sunanda Pushkar case in Delhi High court. Sunanda had written an email to Shashi, telling that she had lost her will to live. The police have accused Shashi with abetting her suicide. Her letters and media will be considered her suicide not, and are going to be used against Shashi as proof that he was responsible for her death. Sunanda wrote the email on January 8. Nine days later, she was found dead in the Luxury Hotel in New Delhi. She took  27 tablets of Alprax as suicide, and they were find in her stomach. Chemical Poisoning was responsible for her death. The next court hearing is scheduled for June 5.

Shashi Tharoor is now being held responsible for ignoring his wife even as she slipped deeper into despair and depression. She had been taking anti-depression medicines. The relationship was so strained that Tharoor stopped picking her calls and ignored her pleas through emails, the charge sheet claims. Not only that she had tried to contact him through social media but he ignored those messages too. And there was also alleged physical abuse in the relationship, because even though the marks on her body were not serious enough to have caused deep injury, they were frequent and a proof that both of them fought with each other often.

The two had also fought on Twitter, no less, when there were reports that Shashi could be having an affair with a Pakistani journalist. Sunanda and Shashi had married in 2010. Sunanda was 51 years old when she died.

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