Sunanda Pushkar death case: Shashi Tharoor appears in court, granted regular bail

Sunanda Pushkar death case: Shashi Tharoor appears in court, granted regular bail

Congress Leader, Shashi Tharoor, has appeared in Delhi Court today in relation to the suicide of his wife, Sunanda Pushkar. He was granted the anticipatory bail yesterday, after paying a bond of Rs 1 Lakh, and today it was changed to regular bail, as the judge said, “There’s no requirement to file a formal bail. Anticipatory bail had been granted by the sessions court,” Shashi Tharoor has been accused of cruelty towards Sunanda, and abetting her suicide. She was found dead in a five star hotel, on January 17, 2014. She was 51 years old. The relationship between the couple had been strained, and erupted in public, as Sunanda accused him of having affair with a Pakistani Journalist.

Sunanda didn’t write a note for her suicide, however, the police has said that her last email to Tharoor, in which she says that she’d lost all will to live, can be taken as her dying declaration. The police have also discovered that Tharoor ignored her emails, and disconnected her calls. She tried to communicate with him through social media, but he ignored her messages.

There is also evidence of physical fights between them, since the authorities found wounds on Sunanda’s body. However, they’re not serious enough to be considered fatal. The couple has married in 2010. Tharoor has vehemently denied any relation to Sunanda’s suicide and said that he is being tangled in a Political conspiracy. But, if it can be proved that he ignored Sunanda’s increasingly desperate attempts for contact, and her last message, it could be felt by the court that he had some responsibility of her death.

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