Taimoor Nagar Murder Case; Man killed for opposing drug peddling

Taimoor Nagar Murder Case; Man killed for opposing drug peddling
Written by Abhishek Lohia

New Delhi Taimoor Nagar Murder News: As the country was coming to terms with the grisly murder of an Apple employee in Lucknow, another incident of similar nature has emerged to shock the national capital. Two gangsters shot a 38-years-old man named Rupesh on Sunday night in Taimoor Nagar village of New Friends Colony (NFC). He was admitted to the Holy Family Hospital, where his condition was serious and later during the treatment he died. It has been reported that Rupesh was running a campaign against drug smugglers and therefore he was assaulted.

Local people, angry at the incident, shouted slogans against police on the spot. People pelted stones at the police and blasted their motorcycles. In reply to this, The police had to use force to disperse the crowd. The police left tear gas shells and fired air. To overcome the situation, the policemen had to be called support from another police station. By late nights people were committing a ruckus. NFC Police Station has registered a case and started looking for the attackers. Police officials said that Babu and Tedha Bilal went to Taimoor Nagar village to take drugs. There was a fight with Farooq who sold his drugs there. Meanwhile, Farooq and his associates attacked Babu’s neck with a knife.

Babu was admitted to the Trauma Center. After this, the accused fired at Tedha Bilal. During this time Rupesh arrived and the accused shot him. The rumors of Rupesh’s death caused local people to flare up. Before this, Rupesh complained to the police smugglers from the police.

Rupesh’s brother says that he had complained to the police about the sale of Drugs and Drugs Paddlers in the area. He was constantly threatened by these Drugs Paddlers that he should not complain to the police about it and stay away from it.

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