Sudden Fire takes life of 3 women at Garment shop in Sulemsarai, Allahabad

Sudden Fire takes life of 3 women at Garment shop in Sulemsarai, Allahabad

Three women burnt to death after a fire broking incident reported at the garment shop in Sulemsarai, Allahabad. The tragic incident took at Sulemsarai which comes under the Dhoomananj police station and took place around 8:15 am on Monday. The shop was located on the ground floor while the family was residing at first and second floor of the triple story building. Immediately the Nearby crowd and people from neighboring shops came out from their shops when they saw the fire flames coming from the shop and informed the local police and Fire brigade about the incident.

The panic situation became worse when Fire brigade finds it difficult to douse the flames coming from the shops. The intensity of fire is so high that it would take lives of neighbors if they were not evacuated at that moment.

According to chief fire officer, R.S. Mishra, it took around 5 hours for Fire brigade team to douse the flames. After 5 hours of rescue operation with Police and fire department team jointly recovered 3 dead bodies and send them to post-mortem.

The house has been turned into ashes. It has been suspected that fire broke out due to short circuit or from some flammable material present in the house authorities are doing their investigation of the whole incident.

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