ST/SC law: Union Ministry has approved filing of review petition in Supreme court

ST/SC law: Union Ministry has approved filing of review petition in Supreme court

The Union Law Ministry  approved filing of review petition in Supreme Court on SC/ST Act on Wednesday. This approval has come after the centre had opposed to the matter of introducing another “creamy layer” in the ST/SC category law. It was in relation to the petition which was seeking to disqualify members from affluent families from the benefits of the reservation. Opposing has been controversial, as Congress has attacked Modi government for being biased against the Dalit community. Congress members have already stated that such decisions are going to oppress the rights of the ST/SC community.

The supreme court has decided that arrests of the accused should only happen after the appointing authorities have sanctioned, Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.

Kumari Selja, a Dalit leader, has said that there is a conspiracy to end the act and the benefits of the reservations, and not only just changing it. Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma has also voiced his objections to the reforms that are being made, and said, that various decisions had been made for the empowerment of people from ST/SC communities, and if the decision isn’t brought up for introspection, it could also mean more questions for the government from the public.

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