Sri Madhvacharya Jayanti 2018: Tithi Time And History

Sri Madhvacharya Jayanti 2018: Tithi Time And History
Written by Karu Cheema

Today is 780th birth anniversary of Sri Madhvacharya, who is popular know as Dvaita vedanta. He was famous for his philosophy during Bhakti movement. Sri Madhvacharya was born on Vijayadasami (Dasara/Dussehra) in 1238 AD near Udupi (karnataka). Shri Madhvacharya have written famous books in his life like Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya, Bhagah Adyayah and many more. All his books are great collection that gathered Philosophy and speaking of Brahman God Vishnu and about his various incarnations.  His Philosophy is also know as Tattvavada with highly gathered knowledge regards Brahman, souls as eternal and separate entities.

According to the followers of Dvaita (Madhvacharya) they don’t believe in his death nor they have document his death. They strongly believe that he is disappeared on Madva Arharya which is celebrated as Madhva Navami proceeded to Badri. He last departure is noted at the age of 79 in 1317 C.E.  This day falls on Vijaydasami every year in month of September or October according to the calendar. In 2018, it is falling on 18 October, the tithi will begin at 15:28 and will end at 17:57 on October 19th.

The Indian Philosophy is well reckoned the principles from Dvaita vedanta and are spread parallel at schools like siddhantic, Yogic, Jaina and Bouddha centers. The historical vedic were strong evidence that were considered as path of life and brought before the public again and again. Dvaita philosophy “Dualism”; speaks about his belief in basic difference between God and individual souls. Madhvacharya said that his each experience of Jivatma is different from another and he has experience immanence blessings at different levels even after his liberation.

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