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SP Leader Azam Khan slammed Yogi Government for Dress code in Madrasa

SP Leader Azam Khan slammed Yogi Government for Dress code in Madrasa
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Former UP Minister and senior SP leader, Azam Khan, who is often in dispute for his blasphemy statements, targeted CM Yogi about the Madarasa controversy. Azam Khan advised CM Yogi to wear jeans instead to talk about the students of Madarasa. In fact, the entire dispute began with the news of the introduction of dress code in the Madrasas. Priorly a notice was issued by UP government that the Yogi Sarkar wants to introduce the dress code of kurtas-pajamas in government madrasas instead of wearing paint-shirt. Azam Khan said, ‘I had already said that recite worshipers with madrassas’. The madrasas cannot be forced to worship. He said that the Yogi Adityanawearld wearing jeans, instead of pointing the dress code of children.

UP minority welfare minister Laxminarayan Chaudhary has rejected the dress code controversy. During this time, he slammed hard to the Yogi Sarkar. He said that the government has now spoken halfway. “If the dress code did not follow by the madrasas, then what would be the punishment?” In this situation, the madrasas’ house will be destroyed or teachers will be acidified, what will happen? Azam Khan continued. Azam continued by saying this said,”it would be a good thing if the people who did not obey the dress code would get the punishment.

He said that NCERT courses/syllabus have been implemented in madrasas, ‘Saheb(Yogi Adityanath)’ whatever you want. Using a taunt at Modi Government, he said, what was the Emergency of Indira Gandhi and what is the current Emergency of Narendra Modi? Indira Gandhi’s Emergency was declared Narendra while Modi’s emergency is unannounced. An undeclared emergency is more dangerous than a Declared emergency.

As it happened?

On July 3, the state’s Haj and Waqf minister Mohsin Raza said that a proper dress code will be followed in the madrasas. At the same time, minority welfare minister Laxminarayan Chaudhary said that there is no such policy. Minority Welfare Minister Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary tweeted that the Government has not fixed any new policy regarding the dress code in the madarsas and there is no opinion of the department about this subject.

Maulana Mohammad Harun of the madarsa Darul Uloom Firangi Mahal said that it is our religious freedom that should we teach in the madarsas, what we should have to wear in madrasas. The government should not interfere in our religious training.


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