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Why SP-BSP wants to keep Congress Out to ‘MahaGathbandhan’ in UP?

Why SP-BSP wants to keep Congress Out to ‘MahaGathbandhan’ in UP?

Prior to the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, there is a continuous mix of political discussion all over the country, but in terms of seats, the most important state, in Uttar Pradesh, is being talked of keeping the Congress away from the alliance between the possibility of the SP-BSP meeting. Interestingly, in the 2017 assembly elections, the Congress had started an alliance in UP with Samajwadi Party. At that time, the SP-Congress-RLD had fought together, whereas the BSP had landed alone on the ground. However, BJP dominated all the opposition single handly and won 325 seats of 404 constituted State. But in those days, a Slogan related to Akhilesh-Rahul Gandhi came in limelight as “UP Ke Ladke“, disturbed the BJP for their future in UP because former SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav failed to stop Akhilesh Yadav to accept their alliance invitation.

Take a look at the statistics before checking the future of Congress in the UPA alliance. In the Lok Sabha elections 2014, BJP got 42.63 percent in UP, SP got 22.35%, BSP got 19.77%, and Congress got 7.53 percent. At the same time, when the Congress and SP came together in the 2017 Assembly elections, BJP got 39.67 percent, SP 21.82 percent, Congress 6.25 percent and BSP got 22.23 percent. It means, despite fighting separately in the Lok Sabha and fighting together in the Legislative Assembly, there was not much difference between the SP and the Congress vote share.

Samajwadi Party Chief and Former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav with Congress President Rahul Gandhi in 2017

Samajwadi Party Chief and Former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav with Congress President Rahul Gandhi in 2017

When SP-Congress came together, a total of 1.5 percent votes were reduced to the two parties. However, the alliance managed to keep the voters together. But what is not seen in statistics is going on in the minds of Senior leaders of both the parties. According to the one of the Official SP leader, the traditional voters of SP and BSP is different from the BJP’s Voter. At the same time, a part of the remaining Voter with the Congress corresponds to the BJP’s voter mood. He believes that if the Congress is contested outside the alliance, it can cut the BJP’s “Savarna”(Upper Caste) votes. If the alliance is formed then Congress will not be able to cut the BJP’s upper caste vote.

Vote Percentage in UP

Vote Percentage in UP including 2012 and 2017 Assembly Elections and 2014 General Elections


In the last Lok Sabha elections, Congress retains its home as they won only two seats of Rae Bareli and Amethi in UP. At the same time, Congress nominees had got so many votes in Saharanpur, Sultanpur, Farrukhabad, Jalan, Jhansi, Hamirpur, Fatehpur, Faizabad, Gonda, Maharajganj, Kushinagar, Bansgaon, and Robertsgunj. So if Congress would contest separate elections from here, then he can break the electoral math for SP-BSP alliance.

If Congress joins the Mahagathbandhan in UP, then the party will not get more than 10 to 15 seats. In such a way, Congress will likely to be disappeared from the UP in Lok Sabha elections. In that case, only a single way will be left in front of Congress Supports either to join another party or take a retirement from the Politics.

Results by alliance[2004 General Elections]

INC 21 BJP 10 BSP 20 SP 23 IND 1
TOTAL (2009) 26 TOTAL (2009) 10 TOTAL (2009) 20 TOTAL (2009) 23 TOTAL (2009) 1
TOTAL (2004) 9 TOTAL (2004) 11 TOTAL (2004) 19* TOTAL (2004) 35* TOTAL (2004) 6


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