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Why Sonia Gandhi’s Italy factor comes ahead in Elections only? Is BJP scared of Rahul Gandhi’s PM Ambitions

Why Sonia Gandhi’s Italy factor comes ahead in Elections only? Is BJP scared of Rahul Gandhi’s PM Ambitions

In the wake of Karnataka assembly elections, Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressed the press conference on Thursday on the last day of election campaigning. During this, Rahul Gandhi said that we have a vision for the development of Karnataka. we have learned a lot from Karnataka tour. The opposition made personal attacks on us, but we raised the issue. We did well in publicity. Our fight is on basic issues in Karnataka. However, the opposition has made personal attacks on us. he added”.

On Tuesday, Karnataka’s BJP tweeted, “Mrs Antonio Mino is coming to Karnataka today to save his last fort from collapse. Madam Mino, Karnataka does not need to learn from any person who is responsible for wasting of India since last 10 years”.

Congress started Tweet Fight first

On May 4, when UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had reached Karnataka, Congress had addressed him as his birth name–Ajay Bisht. In fact, before the “SANYAS” Yogi Adityanath was Ajay Bist. When Yogi Adityanath went to Karnataka for the May 4 campaign, his absence started to get criticized due to the storm/hurricane in UP. Meanwhile, after leaving his election program in the middle, he returned back to the UP. On this, Congress tweeted, “We are happy that Mr. Ajay Bisht(Yogi Aditynath) has learned some tricks of good governance with CM Siddaramaiah, so when people need of him in UP he has reached there.

It is worth mentioning that the issue of Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin has been raised once again in the Karnataka elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had challenged Congress President Rahul Gandhi in a rally saying that you should speak only 15 minutes in English, Hindi or your mother’s mother tongue (Italian) without seeing the paper? Actually Rahul Gandhi had said before attacking PM Modi that PM Modi would not be able to stand if he would speak for 15 minutes in the Parliament.

Is BJP scared of Rahul Gandhi’s PM Ambitions

In the elections of Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi replied to the question of becoming the Prime Minister – Yes, if Congress becomes the largest party, then he can be the PM. Why should there be so much burnout in BJP’S team? Congress is the biggest opposition party in the country. Its leader can become the prime minister in the next election. Rahul Gandhi has been accepted as president by the Congress party. Congress leader Ahmed Patel has named Rahul Gandhi as the candidate for the prime minister’s post. Where all the Congress leaders are standing in support of Rahul Gandhi, then where is the question of ignoring senior leaders?

Will 2019 repeat as like 1991 or 1996 Elections?

Congress will not make any mistake like supporting Chandrashekhar in 1991. Nor they have any thinking like supporting Deve Gowda in 1996 and later Indra Kumar Gujral. The political situation was different at that time and Congress seemed to get the majority in the next election. Congress has learned the skill of managing the alliance government between 2004 and 2014.

Sonia Gandhi’s Italy factor comes in elections

UPA government was going to be formed in 2004. But the issue of Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin was being bounced again, at that time Sonia had demolished the opposition’s strategy by stepping ahead of the name of Manmohan Singh. Earlier, in 1999, Mulayam Singh had refused to support the Congress by raising the issue of Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin.


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