Sonia Gandhi slams Narendra Modi for leading a regressive vision and promoting fear

Sonia Gandhi slams Narendra Modi for leading a regressive vision and promoting fear

Sonia Gandhi, the former leader of Congress party slammed Narendra Modi for leading a regressive vision around the nation, and for oppressing the voices of people. Sonia was speaking at the India Today Conclave 2018 when she targeted the Prime Minister of India, stating that the current government has been instrumental in promoting fear and intimidation for silencing the contrary voices, and perspective. According to her, the government has also fueled religious divide among the population and vigilantism has become rampant as people disregard justice and take objectionable actions. Speaking without any censor, she asked what was the purpose of giving them a place in the parliament if other party members weren’t allowed to talk.

She accused the government of disrespecting the rules. She asked if this was really the condition of the nation during the Congress rule, and asked if it wasn’t offensive to the intelligence of people who had worked hard for the government.

Apart from slamming Modi, Sonia also talked about the startling insensitivity toward the Dalit women. Sonia claimed that Congress is going to come back in power in the next elections and definitely not going to let BJP win again. She recieved a standing ovation for her speech by the audiences. In the end, she also said that India is a great country and that everyone must protect and cherish it because it belongs to its people. Sonia’s talk was very well recieved by people on social media, as well, who complimented her carefully chosen words to dismantle the belief that the BJP government has been a boon to the country.


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