My solution to pollution goes viral on twitter, people discuss how to reduce it

My solution to pollution goes viral on twitter, people discuss how to reduce it

A Guinness World Record the largest image of human lung was made by more than five thousand children at an even at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex, New Delhi. The formation of the human lung was one of the biggest ever made in the world, and as captured from above, it did indeed looked like a real lung that was just colored in red and blue colors; the dresses that were worn by the children while getting into shape. The coordination was perfect and everyone on social media and elsewhere has been congratulating the children for their creating it on such a large canvas.

Lung Care Foundation, based in Delhi, was responsible for the creation and it was done because of the rising pollution in the areas and the threat of lung diseases because of the amount of toxic elements that people inhale in a day. The activity inspired another hashtag on social media, My Solution to Pollution, with which people wrote tweets about how they thought the problem of smog and so much pollution can be controlled. There were many suggestions, like people saying that there should be more trees planted, and parks and places where there’s plenty of trees should not be used for any industrial use.

Some people said that there should be guidelines about the industries that keep spewing pollutants in the air, while others said that four wheelers must be banned and people should either use cycles or metro.

The hashtag quickly went viral on the social media, as people expressed their concerns at the deterioration of the environment and what else the Government should do to make it more bearable for people to live. It was the first time that people were talking about the solution rather than just fighting and talking about the problems that Delhi is facing right now.




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