Solar Eclipse 2018 on Friday the 13th, the first one since 1974

Solar Eclipse 2018 on Friday the 13th, the first one since 1974

A partial Solar Eclipse, or Surya Grahan, as its commonly known in India, is going to be observed around the world today. This is the second occurrence in the year, as sun is going to be only partially eclipsed by the Moon. An interesting note of information about the Solar Eclipse today is that it is occurring on Friday the 13th, which is considered a day of ill omens in western cultures, and has been exploited as the backdrop of many Hollywood horror movies. The eclipse isn’t going to be visible everywhere, and people living in regions like Southern Australia, are going to be see it, while it also can be seen by those who live in regions situated about Pacific and Indian oceans.

If the citizens of India want to see the eclipse, it’ll last from 07:18:23 a.m. and go on till 08:31:05 a.m. The eclipse is a rare occurrence as the NASA scientists have found out that a solar eclipse hasn’t fallen on Friday the 13th since 1974 December 13, which makes it unique for people, since it’s not going to occur until 2080.

However, even if its coming on a day that is considered cursed, there isn’t any reason to be afraid of the eclipse, and there are no predictions regarding calamities that could befall you if you’re not at home, praying. People with religious and occult predilections have predicted that the day could be harbinger of demons in the world, whiles others are going to spend their time praying to god, so that nothing unfortunate happens to them or their family and friends. The duration of the eclipse is 1 hour and 13 minutes. The next Solar Eclipse, also partial, is scheduled for 13 August 2018.

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