Smriti Irani tweeted cotton is cool and then what happened?

Smriti Irani tweeted cotton is cool and then what happened?

From early morning today people have been posting pictures of themselves in cotton attires. From Virender  Sehwag  to Vasundhara Raje everyone is posting pictures in cotton kurtas and cotton sarees stating how comfortable and fashionable it looks.

It all started from a tweet posted by Smriti Irani, textile minister on twitter. Smriti Irani stated that India has been one of the largest cotton producing nations & cotton has become the ultimate summer fabric. Also stating the production of cotton has started in India from the days of Indus Valley Civilization and since have evolved.The hashtag going rounds is #cottoniscool which celebrates the cotton industry that employs millions across the country and the comforting cooling effect of cotton in hot temperatures.

Since then people from all walks of life have been posting there picture in cotton attires.

Firstly the dream girl Hema Malini posted her picture in cotton saree. She is surely an ageless beauty.

Suresh Prabhu , Railway Minister posted a picture of them in White kurta in support of Cotton Industry.

Vijender Singh loving the cotton feel by riverside.

Mohammad Kaif posted a picture in kurta valuing the indian culture and appreciated youngsters carrying the cotton trend forward.

Virendar Sehwag posted a picture of him and Kapil Dev in blue and red kurta. He stated he likes wearing cool attitude and cool cotton attires.

Manish Malhotra shared a picture from his handloom collection.

Kirron Kher shared her different looks in green, blue and white cotton sarees.

To end with let us share with you some facts about cotton that you might not be aware about.



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