Smog Levels still Hazardous is Delhi, condition to continue for 3 days

Smog Levels still Hazardous is Delhi, condition to continue for 3 days
Written by Abhishek Rana

The Smog in Delhi is still at Hazardous levels, as the AQI level has gone beyond the safe, 300 mark and could even approaching as of yet unseen numbers in some regions. Punjabi Bagh, which seems to have been hit with the worst of the pollution , boasts a 757 AQI, and has broken all safe levels. The air is Hazardous for the residents and especially for small children, elders and people suffering from breathing problems. AQI level in RK Puram is also quite shocking, at a troublesome 543. Schools up to fifth class have been suspended, and the residents of Delhi have been cautioned to not leave their house unless they absolutely have to.

The AQI number in Siri For is 420, 573 in Anand Vihar and 404 in Dwarka. The conditions are said to be like this for at least three days more, because the Punjab and Harayana authorities haven’t stopped the farmers from burning the crops.

The Government has now implemented the  ODD-EVEN scheme, according to which, the residents of Delhi will only be allowed to travel on the roads with their vehicles if the last number in the plate corresponds to the odd or even digits of the date. The scheme will be carried out for a week.

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