Security forces starts search operation at Jammu-Kashmir

Security forces starts search operation at Jammu-Kashmir
Written by Abhishek Lohia

The central security forces have come in full action as the BJP-PDP allianced government of Jammu and Kashmir have fallen on yesterday. The security forces have prepared a hit list of active terrorists in the valley. In this list, the names of 180 terrorists have been included. In which 107 militants are directly linked to Hizbul Mujahideen. At the same time, the name of 50 foreign terrorists who were involved in panic in the valley has also been included in this list. The security forces have also come to know about 40 such names, who were active in terror activities during the month of Ramzan. The security forces have started extensive search operation in search of 180 militants involved in the list under their new operation plan- Operation All Out.

According to sources, more than 150 people missing from different villages of the valley in the last 5 months in Jammu and Kashmir. It is feared that these young people, missing from the valley, have influenced with the terrorists and have they taken the path of terror?. According to senior officials attached to the security force, more than 150 youngsters missing from the valley so far, only 50-60 families have reported the missing complains in the police. In this regard, the Intelligence believes that the number of people missing from the valley is far more than that. In the valley between 90 to 100 families, who haven’t registered a missing complaint regarding their family member in police station.

According to the security forces, Pakistan has prepared ten launching pads to carry out infiltration in India. In which 20 terrorists from Gure Sector, 50 terrorists from Machil sector, 55 militants from Karen Sector, LeT from Tangdhar sector and 65 militants of Jaish, seven terrorists from Navagam sector are in the ammunition. Apart from this, 50 terrorists from Uri Sector, 35 terrorists from Poonch sector, 120 terrorists from Bhimber street, 30 terrorists from Naushera Sector and 3 terrorists in Rampur sector are looking for an opportunity to infiltrate.

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