Section 144 imposed in Aurangabad because of communal clashes

Section 144 imposed in Aurangabad because of communal clashes
Written by Abhishek Rana

Violent clashes broke out between two groups, in Aurangabad in Maharashtra. One person has died, while 35 others, 10 of which include policemen have been injured in the conflict. As the reports suggests, the violence broke out because illegal water connections of one particular community were taken away from them. This caused violence as the members of both communities in Motikaranja area began to fight each other, and the clashes erupted into a riot, as people set fire to shops and vehicles, while throwing stones at each other to cause harm and injury. As the police authorities rushed to the spot of violence, the riot had erupted to its full extent and they couldn’t control it, which led to the use to tear gas and plastic bullets.

However, the police was able to control the violence.  Aurangabad Police Commissioner Milind Bharambe said that the situation is under control, and reported that there were two instances of violence, one occured during Friday night, and another that took place Saturday.

Shahganj, Nawabpura, Rajabazaar and Angribaug were the areas that faced the worst of the violence, but have been calmed down for now. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has condemned the situation and Minister of State for Home Deepak Kesarkar has left to visit the area, to survey the damage done to the people and the physical property. Jaganlal Bansile (62), who was a resident of Shahaganj area, lost his life in the riots, as his shop was torched by the rioters. He was inside the shop, when it was burned, and couldn’t get out. He died because of the burns he suffered from the flames. There has been no permanent Police Commissioner in the city for past two months, which was also the reason that violence ran rampant and couldn’t be controlled in time.

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