SC/ST Promotion: Supreme Court allows quota in employees promotion

SC/ST Promotion: Supreme Court allows quota in employees promotion
Written by Abhishek Lohia

The Central Government will continue to provide reservation in promotion to the employees coming from SC / ST society. The Supreme Court, while hearing the matter on Tuesday, said that this matter is in the Constitution Bench, so they have the right to take the final decision. Until the Constitution Bench takes a decision in this matter, the Central Government will continue to give reservation in promotion to the SC / ST government employees. During the hearing, Additional Solicitor General Maninder Singh, who was come to court on behalf of the Central government, said,”it is the responsibility of the government to give employees promotion”.

Due to the different high court decisions in the country, the central government is not able to give reservations to the employees of SC / ST society. On this, the Supreme Court banning the high court’s decision that the central government can give reservation in promotions. The Department of Personnel had issued an order on September 30, 2016, where the reservation was banned in the promotion. Since then, government employees coming from the SC/ST society were pressurizing the government’s representatives for the promotion. 

Lok Jan Shakti Party (LJSP) chief Ram Vilas Paswan met the BJP President Amit Shah, demanding the completion of this demand of Dalits. After this, the central government had filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding this case. The Court has recently restored reservations regarding the promotion of employees coming from SC / ST society.

On November 2015, a three-judge bench of the apex court had agreed to consider whether its 11-year-old judgment in M Nagaraj case was needed to be re-visited. The supreme court had referred this matter to a constitution bench while it was hearing a batch of the petition which arose from a Bombay High Court verdict canceling two state government notifications terming them as ultra vires to Article 16(4A) of the Constitution. In its August 23 last year verdict, The Delhi High Court had set aside an August 1997 office memorandum issued by the (Department of Personnel and Training) DopT on the issue of reservation in promotion to SC/ST Employees.

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