Rohtang tunnel accessibility allowed during medical emergencies

Rohtang tunnel accessibility allowed during medical emergencies

Rohtang tunnel got an approval from administration to move patients during medical emergencies. Now the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) personnel can also be transported patients to the hospital through their vehicles. The 8.8 km tunnel being built at the highest point in the country, which connects Leh to India for the whole year. The residents of Lahaul and Spiti district will be allowed to cross this Rohtang tunnel in case of medical exigencies. The administration had also demanded opening of the tunnel for employees and students but the BRO refused.

During the winter season, due to the snowfall in Lahaul, the temperature of the valley reaches to minus 22 degrees Celsius, making the condition unlivable to transfer a sick person. Heavy snow and blocked road makes it nearly impossible to ply on roads.

BRO officials have said that efforts will also be made to restore the roads in winter. So that patient could be brought to the Rohtang tunnel. Due to bad weather and heavy snowfall, Lahaul – Spiti patients and pregnant women are very difficult to get to the hospital for treatment. The people of Lahaul have to depend on the air services to come out of the valley. Many times helicopters can not even go to Lahaul – Spiti. Therefore, the district administration had sought approval for the use of Rohtang tunnel to access patients.

The tunnel was laid by the then Congress President Sonia Gandhi on 28 June 2010. The goal of completing the construction was, till 2015 but it could not be done. Now, this tunnel will be ready in 2019. The cost of construction is around Rs 4,000 crore has reached.

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