Rohingya Refugees: Centre asks states to restrict refugees in camps

Rohingya Refugees: Centre asks states to restrict refugees in camps

The Centre has advised states, including Jammu and Kashmir, to keep illegal Rohingyan Settlers to pre-identified locations that are present in their jurisdiction. They are also asked to measure their personal, and physical details, and refrain from providing them Adhaar card, or any other proof of identification. The records are being made, in the hope of a reparation with Mayanmmar in the future. The centre also seems concerned that the Rohingya population could have some insurgent elements, and aren’t too enamored by the Rohingya’s spreading out among the Indian public. Security risk is also a concern from the Rohingya’s and it was highlighted in a letter that was given to the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir.

The main concern is with the refugees who might have acquired identity cards illegally and entered India to pose as Indian citizens. There is also the risk of radicalization of some of the members of the group. 40,000 Rohingya Muslims have come and set up camp in the country.

The central networks have reported that there are some groups in  West Bengal and Assam that have been creating false identities for the Rohingya people as they enter the country, which makes it easier for them to fool the authorities and assimilate easily with the public. In September 2017, an advisory had been sent to the states, asking them to report the number of Rohingya’s in the region for deportation. The advisory was challenged in Supreme Court, and it decided to take a more humane action towards the refugees. The Home Ministry also mentioned in its letter, that even though the advisory had been made clear in October, Jammu and Kashmir has still to adhere to it and give back the information that has been asked from it.

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