Right to privacy is a fundamental right Supreme Court verdict, welcomes by Rahul Gandhi and AAP on Twitter

Right to privacy is a fundamental right Supreme Court verdict, welcomes by Rahul Gandhi and AAP on Twitter

Finally, the verdict on Right to privacy announced by the Supreme Court of India. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal welcomed the Supreme Court verdict that Right to privacy is a fundamental right on Twitter. As per the court verdict, Right to Privacy is an integral part of Right to Life and Personal Liberty guaranteed in Article 21 of the Constitution. The nine judges bench of Supreme Court unanimously ruled on the Right to privacy verdict. This judgment on Right to privacy is a blow to Aadhaar as now center has to promise the Supreme Court that the sample of their fingerprints and their iris scan while the making of Aadhaar Card does not violate privacy.

This decision came after the Former Karnataka HC judge KS Puttaswamy filed the PIL in 2012. While the number of petitions was filed in 2015 that arose question on the constitutional status Right to privacy and challenged the Aadhaar scheme as a breach of privacy, informational self-determination, and bodily integrity. Petitioners say that it violates fundamental rights to privacy and equality. As per the petitioners, the use of data was the risk for personal information falling into the hands of private players and service providers. As both the government and service providers collect the personal information of individuals like mobile phone numbers, bank details, addresses, date of birth, sexual identities, health records, ownership of property and taxes without providing safeguards from third parties.

It is a landmark ruling of Supreme Court on privacy. Although, the government countered the right to privacy by saying that it is not an absolute right. And they have contradictory stands on the issue of privacy. However now the Supreme Court has made Privacy a fundamental right mandatory for access to welfare schemes. Now the privacy will be protected by the Constitution.

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