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GoI orders removal of Blue Whale game Links from Google, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo

GoI orders removal of Blue Whale game Links from Google, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo
Written by Karu Cheema

To counter Blue Whale game challenge threat, Government of India(GoI) has directed several Internet giants , including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo to remove all hyper links related to The Blue Whale Challenge Game. Several cases related to injury and children deaths have been reported around the world, due to the game characteristics of forcing the players towards suicide. Allegedly Manpreet Singh, teenager Mumbai kid got wrangled into Blue whale game play and committed suicide.

Letter from Ministry of Electronics and IT mentioned instances of suicides due to the Blue Whale Challenge has emerged in India. Administrator of game uses social media platform to coax children to play this game, which may cause self harm, including self inflicting injuries and suicide. In a notification , it has been ordered to remove such dangerous links related to Blue Whale Challenge game or any other similar kind of game play  links.

Blue Whale is said to be create by Russian ex-convict with psychological problems. Allegedly he stimulates the players to complete daring tasks for 50 days before taking the final step of killing themselves to win the game.

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