Registering Online FIR: You must know about the Pros and Cons

Registering Online FIR: You must know about the Pros and Cons

The Home Ministry has sought advice from the Law Commission on whether the public should have given the access to register online FIR in India or not. In recent days, there has been an increase in demand from the public that they should also have access to register online FIRs. But there is one aspect of this case that if FIR is going online, people can take advantage of it as well. The right to file FIR is given to the public under section 154 of CrPC. In this regard, in the year 2013, the Supreme Court had said that it is mandatory to register FIR under section 154, especially in cases where initial scrutiny is not possible. Now imagine if you are getting the facility of online FIR only when sitting at home, what can be the result of this. If such a law is made in the coming days, then what are the advantages and disadvantages of it, we are going to tell you about it.

Advantages of Registering an FIR through Online Mode

  1. With the help of online FIR, people will be able to register cases easily, as compared to register a case in Police Station.
  2. People often feel nervous and scared to go to the Police Station. After this technique, they will be able to register online FIRs very easily.
  3. By seeing the atrocities faced by women, registering an online FIR will be very easy for women.
  4. One should not face Police Negligence and Avoidance

Disadvantages of Registering an FIR through Online Mode

  1. Many people have face difficulty lying in front of the police, if we make it online then they will be able to tell lie and can make false accusations.
  2. Anyone can resort to messing up with someone’s image through online FIR Mode.
  3. If all the people started to register online FIR, the number of Online FIRs could increase.
  4. It is believed that 10 percent of the people in the registering FIR who make a complaint in India do so, it can be difficult to find online.
  5. Online FIR will make it easier to prosecute against anti-political and anti-caste castes.
  6. This method is not effective for those who do not have internet facility, live in far-flung areas or have no internet connection is not helpful for Online FIR Method.

Ground Level Report: The Law Commission is currently discussing to the Home Ministry on where it is being said that FIRs can be lodged online. At the same time, it will be described how to do it. In the case of Fake FIR under Section 182 of the IPC, it is being said that a new law should be made in the case where the person who filed a fake case should be punished for 5 years. At the same time, under section 154 of the CRPC, there is still some change in it.

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