Reema Lagoo: Colleagues remembering her smile and motherly aura

Reema Lagoo: Colleagues remembering her smile and motherly aura
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Reema Lagoo, the great actress took her last breathe on Thursday. But even after reaching the heaven, her industry colleagues are not able to forget her. Her aura is not been able to lose impact on the Bollywood Industy. The fans and co-actors of Bollywood’s new-age mother found it hard to come to terms that Reema Lagoo died so young. What Nirupa Roy was to the 70s and 80s generation, Reema Lagoo was to the 90s kids — an understanding mom with a lovely smile and great acting skills. Reema owned her every role.

Majorly it was Rajshri Production movies where Reema established a motherly image. She was an onscreen mother to Kajol, Juhi Chawla, Madhuri Dixit, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Sanjay Dutt among others. One among Reema’s onscreen children squad was actor Renuka Shahane.

You must be thinking that who is Renuka Shahane, but you won’t be able to know if you have not seen Hum Apke Hain Kaun in which the mother and the daughter(in the character), made a magical impact on the silver screens. She even payed her tribute by posting a letter for her on Facebook which stated: Reema Tai….the first time I met you, many, many years before I got to work with you in films, was at your home. You had made amazing “matkichi usal”. I couldn’t take my eyes off you… were so beautiful. Then I saw you on stage….” Savita Damodar Paranjape” ” Ghar Tighancha Hava”….you were outstanding…..what an immensely powerful actress you were on stage! I was in awe of you….a huge fan. I wouldn’t have imagined I would get the opportunity to work with you a few years down the line.
“Hum Aapke Hain Koun”….I played your daughter. I would joke with you that I wasn’t suited to play your daughter since you are so beautiful….”मी नक्कीच looks department मध्ये Anupam Kher वर गेल्ये”. You would laugh full throatedly at this comment, slap me playfully and say “काहीतरीच काय!”
We used to share our Tiffin boxes, make-up rooms… were protective about me…..if an actor became too friendly you would help me get out of any such situation…..I could spend hours watching you get ready. Though you would want to get ready as fast as possible because you didn’t much care for spending time on make-up. You didn’t need it much because you were naturally so beautiful…..

Not only Renuka, many actors and actresses from the film industry payed tribute to her by posting about her sad demise on their Twitter account. Lets have a look.

1. Rishi Kapoor who is very active on Twitter showed grievances on her death

2. Union Minister for Urban Development, Venkiah Naidu made a picture collage
in respect to her with the actors she worked .

3. Renowned actor Amitabh Bachchan also tweeted about her sad demise stating T 2428 – Just heard the shocking and unbelievable news about Reema Lagoo’s passing .. such a fine talent and gone so young ! Very SAD !!

4. Kajol also Tweeted by remembering her innocent smile.

Amir Khan also attended the prayer meeting of Reema Lagoo along with her wife. Reema Lagoo was honored with an award for contribution in Marathi cinema

May god rest her soul in peace!!

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