Ram Setu: Subramaniam Swamy and others comment on the discovery

Ram Setu: Subramaniam Swamy and others comment on the discovery

Subramaniam Swamy, Ravi Shankar Prasad and other political leaders have now started to comment on the discovery that Ram Setu, or Adam’s bridge, as it is also called, was indeed man made, and not a natural occurrence that connects the Sri Lankan Island to India. The discovery was made by the American Scientists, and the video was uploaded on the twitter account of Science Channel. The whole episode will be aired on television, on What On Earth. With the recent discovery that suggests that perhaps the events of Ramayana did indeed occur, the various claims that it is a myth seem to have dissipated. As Subramaniam Swamy took to twitter to express his opinion on the issue, he said that, “RSS Chief Sudarshan& VHP Chief Ashok Singh asked me in 2007, when I was JP Chief, to challenge in SC demolition of Ram Setu, not ask BJP?”

The discovery has indeed given new evidence to the Hindu Religion, to now claim with a little more certainty that at least the incessant claims made by people against the validity of the existence of Lord Rama. People have now jumped into the discussion again, and are stating that the existence of their sacred and revered deities should never have been in question in the first place.

The issue of the authenticity of the bridge was also called into question in 2007, when an affidavit was filed in Supreme Court, claiming that the bridge is a natural occurrence that the tale of Ramayana is also fictional. Now, as the reports suggest that the bridge indeed is man made, all the claims have turned to dust, and the politicians are trying to clarify their comments on the issue.

As the episode of What on Earth is yet to premiere, but the claims made in the video are damning in their certainty and will only fuel the belief of Hindus around the world, who were questioned about their religion.


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