Ram Setu exists, claims an American channel

Ram Setu exists, claims an American channel

An American channel, oriented towards scientific discoveries and research has now claimed that Ram Set bridge, which has long been a subject of contested controversy, is indeed man-made. In an advertisement for the episode, the caption says, “Are the ancient Hindu myths of a land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka true? Scientific analysis suggests they are.” Ram Setu bridge is also known by the name of Adam’s Bridge to many people, and has become legendary because of the mythical (or the factual) story of Ram Sena building a bridge toward Sri Lanka to battle its King Ravana, and saving Sita. There have been many reports and claims that the bridge is an environmental formation, and has nothing to do with the events that happened thousands of years ago. The myth also says that the stone floated in the water when the Sena wrote Ram across them, making them sacred to everyone who is Hindu or a devotee of Ram and Sita.

The claims made by the channel, is based on the images by Nasa, that seems to have discovered a stone line of 30 miles long, that connects Sri Lanka and India.

Erin Argyilan, a geologist says that the rocks have been sitting on a sandbar, which often occurs in areas that have shallow waters, and the sand just envelopes them. But the main discovery is that the rock seem to predate the sand, meaning they were put there 7000 years ago, because the sand is only 4000 years old.  Geologist, Dr Alan Lester also believes that the stones might have been carried there from some place far.

If this claim is indeed correct, it could have a drastic impact on the story of Ram Setu, and the naysayers’ theories about its inception. UPA party had once claimed that Ram Setu is not real, and is in fact naturally made.


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