Rajya Sabha adjourns till tomorrow after disruption over Triple Talaq bill

Rajya Sabha adjourns till tomorrow after disruption over Triple Talaq bill
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Rajya Sabha adjourned till 4th January, 11 am after tug and war between BJP and Congress over Triple Talaq Bill. Today, the much-awaited bill has been tabled in the Upper house (Rajya Sabha). It hopes high to get clarification after passing by the Lok Sabha. However, the Congress party uproared Rajya Sabha with discussion and the changes in the Bill. On 28 December 2017, the Triple Talaq bill was passed in the Lok Sabha amid protests by several opposition parties. And now on Wednesday, the bill was tabled in Rajya Sabha to seek support from the opposition.

However, today the Congress in Rajya Sabha stands for the rights and dignity of women. The Congress party claims BJP that why the BJP has not brought any women reservation bill in the past three and a half years if they care about women rights? Also, added that we are not opposing the Bill and said the law has to go through scrutiny. Whereas the Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley accused the Congress party of double standards for triple talaq bill stand. He said Congress is trying to stall the Triple talaq bill after supporting it in Lok Sabha.

The Parliament’s winter session has continued disruption over the protests in Maharashtra today. Thus, both the house has adjourned before making any decision. The landmark bill which makes the instant triple talaq bill of Muslims as a criminal offence has not get passed in Rajya Sabha as the house adjourned until tomorrow.

In the minority opinion in Shayara Bano versus the Union of India case against Triple Talaq, by Justice Jagdish Khehar and Justice Abdul Nazeer, held that since a personal law was not constitutionally protected as religious freedom. Thus, the courts were not authorised to rule on the matter, however, the state could be violated the practice of instant divorce rule by enacting a law.

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