Rajnath Singh comes in support of Sushma Swaraj, slams online trolling

Rajnath Singh comes in support of Sushma Swaraj, slams online trolling

Home Minister Rajnath Singh slammed the online trolling that Sushma Swaraj has been receiving online, and said that “Jo ho raha hai woh galat hai”, meaning, whatever is happening is wrong. Sushma Swaraj has been facing online trolling and vicious and personal string abuses from accounts on Twitter because of the alleged harassment of an interfaith couple on June 20. Sushma liked a few abusive tweets that had tagged her twitter handle, and did a poll, asking people if they approved such behavior. The shocking results, which arrived a day later, showed that 57% from 1 lakh people approved of the hateful bile that she was still receiving.

Yesterday, Swaraj wrote on twitter, “In a democracy difference of opinion is but natural. Pls do criticise but not in foul language. Criticism in decent language is always more effective.” And even as she has been supported by many influential people on Twitter, there has been a startling silence from the members of BJP party, and only now broken by just one voice of Rajnath Singh. In this age of growing hatred for people, this is an alarming inaction by the party.

However, Mamta Banerjee has also supported Sushma Swaraj, as she wrote on twitter today, “Strongly condemn the language used on the social media against Ji . She is a senior politician. We must respect each other and must never indulge in any form of verbal abuse.” There is no indication if the vitriol that she has been receiving is going to lessen in the days to come, but the party should be alert and should report any kind of vicious tweets that target Sushma and her husband.

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