Rajnikanth enters in Politics : Announce his political decision on 31 December

Rajnikanth enters in Politics : Announce his political decision on 31 December

Rajinikanth is the biggest superstar of the south Indian movie industry, but he could also be preparing to become a politician, as he told his fans in Chennai, today. His meeting with fans is scheduled to continue for 6 days, at the end of which, it is probable that he could announce his political ambitions to the public. Rajinikanth has hinted that he would prefer a career in politics, as, when he met his fans previously in May, he told them that he’s “face the war” when its time, maybe pointing to a perfect opportunity to tackle the new ground.

He boasts one of the largest and most devoted fan following in the country, and he’ll be interacting with fans from 18 districts. There had been wild speculations that if “Thalaviar” becomes a politician, he’s going to easily sweep the elections because of his ardent following.

As he replied to the fans, Rajinikanth agreed that he knows that he’ll be arriving very late on the political weather, but that his joining the arena will be a victory in itself. Political analysts have already started commenting on Rajini’s entry in politics, and agreed that if he does it, he’ll be a challenge to everyone in the various parties, while his fans on social media have already started to make noise that he could be the next Chief Minister of Chennai. His wife, Lata Rajinikanth, while not confirming anything, had said that people could expect a lot of changes, if and when her husband decides to join Politics.

Rajinikanth has no plans to retire from acting, though, and his science fiction 2.0, which is the most costly movie made in India, is going to premiere in 2018. The movie also stars the Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar and is surely going to make a bang on the box office because of the combined star power of the two actors.

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