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Rajasthan University Student Union Election 2018: Police, University Administration gear up for Polling

Rajasthan University Student Union Election 2018: Police, University Administration gear up for Polling

For the student politics of Rajasthan, 31 August will be the most special one. On this day, except for Jodhpur, voting for the student union elections in the university and colleges will be followed in the state. But with peaceful administration of the voting process, it is a challenge for the police as well as the University administration. For the continuation of the law and order situation, there is no clutter on the day of polling and Rajasthan University Administration and the Jaipur Commissionerate have also made special arrangements. Voting for the students’ union polls will be held on Friday in six divisions across the state.

About 22,677 student voters of Rajasthan University will decide the fate of 29 candidates for the Rajasthan University Students Union (RUSU). For the student union election, the RU administration has made 93 polling stations. Over 1,000 employees and teachers of the Rajasthan University have been given the responsibility to conduct the election peacefully.

In order to avoid the action of the university and the police, candidates must also comply with Chapter 26 of the Constitution of the student body elections. According to it, it will be forbidden to seek votes based on threat, temptation or caste-community. Not only this, loudspeakers, printed publicity materials and usage of animals will also be ban.

For security arrangements, Rajasthan police have deployed more than 1,000 policemen at Rajasthan University campus and four constituent colleges. Along with it, One hundred CCTV cameras have been installed across the University campus to monitor the activities. Traffic will not be held up at any road including the Jawaharlal Nehru Marg during polling. Polling is scheduled to take place between 8 am and 1 pm Friday, while counting will take place on September 11, 2018.

Two Fix Pickets and Patrols on the JLN route will be deployed at night – The drone will be monitored around the campus – Police will deal strictly with those who will try to decay the environment inside or outside the University – Police will seize vehicle after abuse of vehicles. About 50 policemen will be deployed at the university’s main gate and adequate police custody will be deployed in each polling booth along with the colleges. (Gaurav Shrivastav, Edi. Police Commissioner (Law and Order))


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