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Rajasthan Ordinance: Vasundhara Raje government to rethink over Gag law to shield judges

Rajasthan Ordinance: Vasundhara Raje government to rethink over Gag law to shield judges

Vasundhara Raje’s Rajasthan government ordinance that protects judges from prosecution storms lot of controversy. And now this controversial bill is going to be present before the select committee. The Rajasthan government to rethink media gag clause on the controversial bill that prohibits media from reporting on the accusation against the Judges and bureaucrats until the prosecution proceeds from sanctioning authority which may take up to six months.

Moreover, the Rajasthan government ordinance to protect public servant and judges from the prosecution and ban the media from reporting on the allegations against judges and senior officials raised controversies against the government. This ordinance faced stiff opposition from the Congress party and other senior ministers.

As per the reports the members of the Congress-led march to the Legislative Assembly before the ninth session of the assembly in the opposition to this bill. The state unit of Congress along with other opposition parties have protested against this draconian law to protect judges and senior bureaucrats. The police have detained the several party leaders on Monday because of the march that they took against the Rajasthan government criminal amendment bills.

However, the criminal law bill was introduced in the Assembly by the Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria to replace the ordinance that promulgated on 7th September 2017. This bill seeks to shield the former judges, magistrates and public servants under the BJP-ruled state. Later on, bill challenged by many opposition leaders and activists. Now, the bill has been sent to the select committee to rethink the media gag clause.

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