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Rajasthan ordinance to protect judges to be scheduled today in legislative assembly

Rajasthan ordinance to protect judges to be scheduled today in legislative assembly
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Rajasthan Legislative Assembly monsoon session that starts from today is likely to be intense. As the Vasundhara Raje government to pass the ordinance to the house that will make it difficult to register a FIR against judges, judicial officers and public servants. Although the shield judges ordinance has faced criticism from the various opposition members including Rajasthan Congress. As per the reports, Rajasthan Congress is likely to held march from Vidhan Sabha to Raj Bhavan in the opposition to this ordinance and to protest against Penal laws of the Rajasthan Amendment 2017 emerged by the BJP across the state.

In the opposition to Vasundhara Raje government, Rahul Gandhi said that with all humility we are in the 21’st century not in the 1817 year to Vasundhara Raje. He tweeted Madam Vasundhara Raje, with all humility we live in 2017, not in 1817. However, the Criminal law Rajasthan ordinance 2017 is the law of the government that prohibits the writing of the media. While BJP leader claims that this ordinance announced to save honest officers.

Particularly the Congress stand up against the Raje government. And the Rajasthan Congress protest on the floor meeting of the legislative assembly begins today around 11 am before the ninth session. It is reported that Congress to launch march over state government BJP on the various issues.

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