Rajasthan Diwas, celebrating the diverse and colorful state

Rajasthan Diwas, celebrating the diverse and colorful state
Written by Abhishek Rana

Rajasthan, the name that literally means the land of Kings, is one of the most popular states of India, with the largest areas in the country and Rajasthan Diwas is meant to celebrate its diverse culture, which is steeped in history and myths. It lies at the north western part of the country, and is partly covered with Thar Desert, which is inhospitable. The state is known for its many tourist attractions, that have made it famous across the world, as people from different countries visit these places for their famed beauty, architecture, and the myths that surrounds them.

People visit the ruins of Indus valley, the Jantar Mantar, Mehrangarh Fort, Dilwara Temples and the recently famous Chittor fort. According to the census that was done in 2011, the population of Rajasthan is  68,548,437, with the majority being from Hindu community.

However, even as Rajasthan has been popularized for its colorful culture, it also ranks third in India for rape cases that are reported (3, 644), and has been criticized for the regressive practice of child marriage and Sati. Recently, the state was mired in controversy because of the Bollywood epic, Padmaavat, based on mythical queen Padmini, and the Karni Sena which protested against it, and threaten with murder bounties and riots. Rajasthan has a culture that is dipped in glories of Kings and Queens, but it is also affected by the history itself.


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