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Raj Thackeray MNS chief launches Facebook page to connect with masses

Raj Thackeray MNS chief launches Facebook page to connect with masses
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Raj Thackeray, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief launched his facebook page today. With his debut on the social media networking sites like Facebook, Raj Thackrey went live where he talks about the page and why he joined it. And after an hour of the launch of the facebook page, he got around 4,27,253 likes and 4,30,269 followers. As per the reports, Raj Thackeray wants to connect with masses through facebook. Today, Thackeray inaugurated his Facebook page and promoted it by going live on the facebook. He conducted Live facebook session to answer queries posted by the people.

In a vague of upcoming 2019 election every party coming forward with some new twist and action. The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has also come up with a new idea to connect with people across India by launching the official page of its chief Raj Thackeray. As per the, If we go back and have look at 2014 elections then we will get to know that in both the parliamentary and assembly elections social media played a very important role. The BJP had made effective use of social media at that time. And it is the medium which used by BJP ministers and PM Modi to connect with masses.

In this inauguration, event leaders talk about the import of social media and culture that enhance the mind of individuals. Check his profile here.

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