Raj Babbar speaks against the Uttar Pradesh authorities in the case of Noida Fake Encounter

Raj Babbar speaks against the Uttar Pradesh authorities in the case of Noida Fake Encounter
Written by Abhishek Rana

Raj Babbar, actor turned Politician today talked about the matter of fake encounters in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He addressed the people who stood around him, that there has been a plague of fake encounters in UP, and in some cases, the victims of these attacks don’t even have a criminal record. He gave the example of  Jitendra Kumar Yadav (25), who was shot at while he was going his house, with his three friends. He was stopped by sub-inspector  Vijay Darshan, alon with a sub-inspector and two constables nearby Noida Sector 122. The friends were asked to get into the police car, as they were being taken to the police station, but as they got inside, they heard shots, and looked at their horror that Jitendra had been shot. They begged the police to take him to the hospital, but to no avail, and it was only when one of them broke the windshield and began to shout for help that Darshan complied, but took forever to reach Fortis hospital. Raj Babbar went to meet Jitendra at the hospital

Babbar told people that Jintendra had absolutely no criminal records, while Dogra, on whose orders such an attack was carried out has a criminal past. He said that any sort of encounter cannot be put into motion without the agreement of the higher authorities and people who are responsible for Jintedra’s murder should be take to court.

Babbar has blamed the Yogi government and the police authorities for killing innocent citizens for no reason whatsoever. He told that the inquiry in such cases is not being done properly, with the evidence relating to the assault, the gun and its bullet has been tampered with by the culprits. He also asked why, someone who has been in prison for eight months got a promotion. Vijay Darshan has been arrested for the attack, while the two constables and the sub-inspector have been suspended. Raj Babbar said that the murderers who are roaming the streets while wearing the costumes of policemen should be the ones who are punished.

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